Alfred Eli K. Dei

President- International President🇬🇭


    Alfred Eli Kwasi Dei is the President-elect of the Federation of African Law Students. Before assuming this office, he served as the Director of External Affairs and Diplomacy for the Federation of African Law Students and was the Chairperson for the Federation’s first ever Annual conference held in Ghana.

    He is a product of PRESEC Legon, with an insatiable desire to impact His generation. He believes in the tenets of leadership and the principles of Justice.

    He has served in several capacities at the law school: Twice, he was elected Member of Senate and while in Senate, he was a member of the Appointment Committee. He also served as a bible study coordinator and the Vice President of the Christian Legal Fellowship. In 2019, he was elected the President of the UPSA Law Mooting Society and in 2020, he was elected as the President of the UPSA Law Students Union.

    He is an award winning debater for the UPSA Law School and in 2018, he was the ceremonial face of UPSA. He was appointed Campus Ambassador for Youth Opportunities, Ghana(2019) an organisation which is headquartered in Bangladesh. He was also appointed the President of the PREGISS Chapter in UPSA.

    He is a Founding Partner of EyisonDeiAmoah & Associates, a law firm at the UPSA Law School which has offered training to several members of the Union in research, advocacy and public speaking. He is the Co-founder of the Africa Human Rights Forum, an organisation that pursues the respect and protection of the fundamental Human Rights for all people through research, advocacy and policy engagement in Africa.

    He is a Kingdom Ambassador, an author (The Porter’s hand, yet to be published), a poet, a Spoken word Artist, and a Youth Counselor.

    +233 560 959295