Siaffa Bahn Kemokai, II

Director of Diplomacy and External Affairs🇱🇷

    Siaffa Bahn Kemokai, II, is an emerging diplomat , administrator with the ability to initiate appropriate action, follow instructions and carry on task in an efficient manner.

    He is an innovative team player with effective interpersonal communication skills and a willingness to adapt to an organizational work environment.

    Siaffa Bahn Kemokai, II, is a graduate from the University of Liberia, Capitol Hill Monrovia where he was awarded BPA Public Administration and a candidate of law degree. He subsequently earned a post graduate diploma in Economic Diplomacy from the University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, People’s Republic of China, Post Graduate Certificate in Protocol & Public Diplomacy from the C. Cecil Dennis Foreign Service Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Liberia, A Post Graduate Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation from the Liberia Institute of Public Administration, A Certificate in Cabinet Secretariat from the UNDP in Liberia etc
    Owing to his love for IT, he earned a certificate on IT from the Hosenet Computer institute, Gardnerville

    Siaffa Bahn Kemokai, II is a former Acting Assistant Minister/ Special Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Liberia and is presently the administrative officer to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Liberia since December, 2015 where he is directly responsible for receiving and analysing all communications directed to the Office of the Minister, prepare the Minister’s daily, weekly, and monthly schedule of activities, prepare work plan in consultation with the Special Assistant, prepare the bi-month meeting schedules for all department/bureaus, draft communication to line Ministries & Agencies, provide administrative support and attend bilateral and multilateral meetings with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and perform any other tasks or functions so assigned by Minister of Foreign Affairs.

    Before this current position, Siaffa Bahn Kemokai worked with the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Liberia from 2012 till his current appointment, where he was directly responsible for analysing all Government of Liberia’s Ministries and Agencies payroll wage bill on a monthly basis, calculate the total payroll strength of the Government of Liberia in the GAPS System (Government Accounting Payroll System) now IFMIS, prepare reconciliation report of cheques, and a dozens of functions that ensured efficiency within the ministry.

    He previously worked under the same ministry from 2011 to 2012 as the Acting Director of the EDP-LD Cheque Writing Section of the Ministry of Finance, Monrovia, Liberia where he was responsible for supervising the staff of the section, authorizing the printing of the Government of Liberia’s payroll matrix, signing the Government of Liberia’s payroll, authorized the Government of Liberia’s payroll calculation for all Ministries & Agencies, prepare the payroll analysis reports per sector, authorized the printing of the pension payroll & cheques, report to the Comptroller General on daily activities of the section, work along with the Deputy Comptroller for payroll & reconciliation in reconciling the payroll and a host of functions that supported and ensured an effective payroll management.

    He was appointed Protocol officer for the 2013 United Nations High Level Panel Meeting where he was directly responsible for Receiving guests from the airport and escorting them to various hotels upon arrival, as well as other necessary courtesies and assistance to the international guests for the meeting.

    During the Ebola crisis in Liberia in 2014, Siaffa Bahn Kemokai took a bold step for God and country to serve as a Contact Tracer for ACF Zone 1300, New Georgie Health facility in Liberia to help combat the deadly Ebola virus that claimed many lives. He was directly responsible for three communities with affected or suspected Ebola cases, trace victims of suspected or affected of Ebola within the period of forty-two days etc, and trace dead bodies and report directly to the supervisor.

    He, as part of his experience acted as a Ticket Coordinator for the African & American Women Peace Concert in 2010 and 2011 held in Liberia.

    He actively also participated in the political campaign of the Hon. Richmond Anderson a top politician in the Liberian political landscape, as a youth representative from 2012 to 2014 for district 12, Montserrado county where he was responsible for Coordinating the affairs of the Youth in the District, Represent the views and aspirations of the young people in District Twelve, Represented the Youth on the District Development Council of the District, Organized programs for the youth within the district, Attended organized events in the district and spoke on behalf of the young people in the district, and Attended and represented the youth at the Montserrado County sitting for the distribution of the district development funds (CDF).

    As a student youth activist, Siaffa Bahn Kemokai was elected speaker of the University of Liberia’s students union in 2015 where he served as head of the Legislative Branch of ULSU, and Presided over called sessions of the Student Legislative Assembly, Appointed Chairman of standing committees of the Assembly, Attended Prof. Emmet Dennis advisory council meetings, represented the Assembly at all major functions, served as official spokesman of the Assembly, Scrutinize and approved the ULSU’s draft budget, Signed all outgoing correspondences of the Assembly, Provided oversight role over the Executive and Judiciary Branch of the Government, Represented the Assembly at all called meetings by Administration and Second in line to the ULSU Presidency.

    Siaffa Bahn Kemokai is also a YALI West Africa, Nigeria campus Cohort 2 Fellow and has a great deal of expertise in public speaking.

    Siaffa Bahn Kemokai spend quality time mentoring and teaching his colleagues YALI participants on Public Speaking Skills which was beyond measure.

    Kemokai believes in the new African dream and is positive that Africa can work and grow for the better and this and many others are the reasons why he is ever ready for any positive collaboration for African’s development.

    Siaffa Bahn Kemokai, II
    Director of External Affairs and Diplomacy
    +231 88 653 2938