FALAS congratulates Hon. Francis-Xavier Sosu

The Federation of African Law Students congratulates Hon. Francis-Xavier Sosu as the newly appointed Vice Chairman of the Trade and Investment and Business Immigration Committee in the African Bar Association.

The Federation of African Law Students which is the unifying body of law students in Africa wishes to congratulate Hon. Francis-Xavier Sosu having been appointed as the Vice Chairman of the Trade, Investment and Business Immigration Committee of the African Bar Association.

This appointment comes to inspire all law students and young lawyers across the continent to keep their dreams of becoming distinguished lawyers alive. Recognising his recent nomination for the Prestigious Timothy Bowles African Human Rights Leadership Award, his appointment comes as no surprise as he has distinguished himself one of the few lawyers on the continent with remarkable composure and peerless leadership.

Hon. Francis-Xavier Sosu is a Ghanaian lawyer and a Global Human Rights Ambassador with the Youth For Human Rights Africa. He was called to the Ghana Bar in 2010 and has since led in various Human Rights litigations and Advocacy in Ghana in his nearly 8 years of active practice. He is currently a Member of Parliament and the Managing Partner of F-X Law & Associates, a progressive Human Rights and Public Interest Law firm in Accra which he established in 2012. He is also founder and President of both Treasure of Life Foundation Ghana, Kenya and USA AND Youth for Human Rights Africa, both of which carries out community empowerment projects for the poor and homeless in Ghana AND also dedicated to Human Rights and social protection related cases respectively.

The Federation of African Law Students is the recognised body by the African Bar Association to unify all law students in Africa. While the African Bar Association is a professional body unites individual lawyers and national legal associations in Africa, with the goal of being a federation of national legal associations, corporate and unincorporated legal entities, and individual lawyers, the Federation of African Law Students is the unified student body of all law students in Africa. It is our primary objective to provide opportunities for African Law students, bridge the existing gap,proffer viable solutions to their problems, build a network of outstanding students who who would collaborate towards a common future and ensure that African Law Students are attuned to new realities and global practices. The Federation is also committed to building an emerging generation of young lawyers who are engaged in changing the narratives and adding value.

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