The FALAS Lifetime Legal Achievement Award is the highest award under the reputable scheme of awards by the Federation of African Law students that could be awarded to any legal luminary on the continent of Africa. The award is as a result of one’s unprecedented impact in the legal industry who is worthy of recognition, admiration and commendation.

As one of its first recipients, Dr. Asmah’s recognition comes as no surprise as he has left an indelible impression on the hearts of many young students of the law in Africa. With close to twenty years of experience of the law practice, his area of expertise is property law and real estate law. He is a lawyer in good standing, not just at the Ghana Bar Association but his admirable intellectual acumen has earned him a place in the American Bar Association and the International Bar Association, earning him an incredible international status as a global icon. As a key external attorney, his wise counsel has been harnessed into productive use as he has helped banks and corporates entities record astronomical figures.

The bedrock of success in the legal space is mentorship and no one understands this better than Dr. Asmah as he has mentored and provided unfettered support for many law students across the continent. His unflinching support has especially been directed towards the needy but brilliant students whose dream it is to study the enviable law course provides hope for Africa. This feat is one that has sparked several conversations in the legal community of the specimen of a man he is; a generous and a lifetime mentor.

He will be remembered as the hero of people’s hearts not just because of his sterling academic prowess and remarkable success as an attorney but also because of his humility and his courage to break down the old order and set the pace for the frontiers of excellence.


  1. Ahmed Habib Ibrahim

    Counsel Kofi Asmah, Esq. as I fondly call him is a big brother and a friend whose unmatched legal acumen is admirably enviable to mention but a few. He is the People’s Lawyer and cuts across all spheres of international forays. Mega congrats Counsel!

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